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Product lifetime is the most important factor to reach our sustainable goals.

Here are some advice on how to care for your products in a way that makes them last longer.

Wool & wool blends

  • Wool doesn’t need washing every time you wear it. Hang to air instead. Wool fibers have a natural protective coating, making it resistant to dirt and dust.

  • To wash wool blends, use a special wool detergent at 30°C with a medium spin setting.

  • Never use fabric softener on wool.

  • Dry heavy woolens flat on a rack, placing a towel underneath to absorb any drips. Hanging wool up to dry will stretch pieces out of shape.

  • Pilling occurs naturally with friction and can be easily removed with a pilling comb or a fabric shaver.


  • Wash your training tights and tops inside out and with all zippers closed.

  • Wash with similar colors and use a washing detergent without bleach.

  • Do not iron your training tops or tights, and save the environment and your money by not using a tumble dryer.

Outerwear & training jackets

  • Wash your jackets inside out and with all zippers and velcros closed.

  • Wash with similar colours and use a washing detergent without bleach.

  • Always hang jackets up to dry on line drying, there is no need to iron training jackets.

  • Never use fabric softener or enzyme detergent on jacket with membrane.


  • Wash according to washing instruction.

  • In general, not too warm and with mild bleach free detergent.

  • Close all zippers/pockets and fasten velcros.

  • Never use fabric softener on down.

  • The best way to dry down products is in a tumble dryer with dryer balls/tennis balls at medium temperature.

As an alternative if you cannot access a tumble dryer, you must separate each down ball with your fingers through the fabric while drying. This requires some finesse, and you must keep going for the entire time of the drying process. It’s also important that the process does not take too long time, so a warm room is necessary.


  • All cotton and sweat wear is washed easily in machine with ordinary detergent.

  • Hang up to dry on line or if your hoodie is a bit big throw it in the tumble dryer for a slight shrinkage.

  • Never iron large prints or patches.


  • Avoid washing your gloves more than occasionally. Leather gloves should not be washed.

  • Use a gentle program and mild detergent

  • Close all velcros or buttons. Do not tumble dry in general if not down.

  • Never dry leather on heated floor or electric oven.

  • Wash your headwear only when necessary. Knitted hats with double layers are sensitive to too many spins in the machine and should be washed by hand.

  • Use a gentle detergent and do not tumble dry.

  • Never iron headwear.

  • Try shaping when wet.


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