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At Johaug, we want to minimize our negative impact on both people and planet while maintaining a high quality customer experience.

The production of clothes has adverse effects on the environment and to lengthen the lifetime of a product is therefore significant. That is why we design and manufacture timeless and long-lasting products.

We also believe that we can actively contribute to a sustainable society by sharing knowledge and inspiration related to wellbeing. Making people thrive.

Johaug is a part of Active Brands, and you find more details about how we address sustainability in our value chain, ensure due diligence practices and monitor focus areas at www.activebrands.com/sustainability

Substainable Fabrics

Natural fibers

When we work with natural fibers we go for the best available options. For example, with cotton we look for sources approved by Better Cotton Initiative or Økotex.

Recycled fibers

A lot of training wear is made from polyester, a type of plastic made from oil. We are currently on a mission to replace virgin polyester with recycled alternatives.

Responsible production

Working conditions

Ensuring a secure and fair work environment for our co-workers in the factories, is at the center of Johaug’s strategy. To keep a close watch on working conditions, we have an office in Shanghai. From there, our 50 employees perform inspections, secure product quality and maintain long-term relations with the factories located in Vietnam, China and Myanmar.

Down products

Johaug only uses Responsible Down Standard (RDS)-certified down. The certification means that the down is not from live animals and the Five Freedoms of the animals are respected:

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst

  • Freedom from Discomfort

  • Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease

  • Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

  • Freedom from Fear and Distress

Mulesing free wool

To get that soft and silky feel to our wool products, we use wool from the finest merino sheep in New Zealand and Australia. We refuse to support the horrible practice of mulesing and offer full traceability of our wool products. Animal welfare is a part of our responsibility, and we collaborate with several certification agencies to ensure that our wool comes from non-mulesing wool suppliers:

IWTO / Certificate of Origin / Wool Spinning Certificate

Chemical use

We comply with the European Union’s REACH regulations, that prohibit harmful chemicals. Johaug has phased out all fluorinated (PFC) and antibacterial chemical treatments in the products. To make our outerwear water-repellant we use BIONIC-FINISH®ECO Technology which is 100% fluor free, and instead of anti-fungal treatments we focus on new technology and design that make the garments more breathable.

Health and wellbeing

Active lifestyle

The positive effects of an active lifestyle reach far beyond the physical benefits. Physical activity improves mental health as well as creativity and motivation. A healthy population is more resilient, innovative, and better suited to tackle other challenges. With this in mind, we see it as our responsibility to promote an active lifestyle and being a long-term dependable part in women’s training. Johaug wants to make you feel the best while giving it your all.

Social responsibility

To ensure our policy on social responsibility, we follow the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO)’s regulations involving equal pay between men and women, no child labor and no exceeding of normal work hours. All our workers are entitled to overtime provisions and breaks during their workdays. We follow up on this by doing unannounced visits to make sure that we uphold all ethical standards required.


Ethical Trading Initiative Norway:
IEH are advising us on which countries that are safe to produce in, what to look for when doing inspections and how to create efficient long-term goals.
Business Social Compliance Initiative:
BSCI are advising us on our factory inspections.