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Step up your running game

Join Team Johaug and take your running to new heights.

Through our 12 weeks running program, you will experience mastery, progression, and joy in your running. The positive aspect of running as a form of exercise is that it requires little preparation, no equipment, and can be done virtually anywhere. Additionally, setting goals and challenging yourself can provide an inner sense of strength and confidence.

By participating in our running program, you will receive diverse and challenging training sessions from Therese Johaug and the rest of the team. Remember, running is not just about physical fitness; it can also contribute to developing mental strength and self-confidence.  

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, we have gathered some helpful tips to get you started: 

  1. Set motivating goals and gradually increase intensity as you become more comfortable. 

  2. Find a running partner or a group to make training more enjoyable and maintain consistency. 

  3. Vary your training to challenge your body in new ways but remember to listen to your body and provide it with proper nutrition and hydration. 

  4. Don't forget to celebrate your own successes, whether it's beating a personal record or completing a tough workout.

Give yourself a break from the everyday stress and prioritize self-care. Together, we will achieve our goals. Lace up your running shoes and hit the road. 

12 weeks running program

Sign up for our newsletters, and get free access to our running program developed and tested by Therese Johaug. The running program consists of three running sessions per week in a period of 12 weeks. The goal is to run 10 km in one stretch by the end of the program.

It’s important to start at a slower pace. At the beginning, your mind and body will have to get used to running and build up your endurance. Below, you will find the first three running sessions of the program. It’s up to you which days you want to do each session during the week.

Get the full running program

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Join Therese Johaug on training camps

Johaug Recharge: Limnos, Greece 2023

Johaug Recharge: Fyri, Hemsedal 2024

Do you need a time-out from everyday life? Johaug Recharge is a unique concept developed to give girls exactly that.

Join us on a training adventure and recharge your batteries with Therese Johaug! Therese and other talented trainers will offer varied sessions in strength training, endurance training and yoga. We guarantee that you will find training classes that suit you.

The first training trip with Therese to Playitas in March 2023 was an unforgettable experience. Already in September 2023, you can be one of the lucky ones to get a spot at Johaug Recharge at the gorgeous Apollo Sports Hotel Porto Myrina – powered by Playitas on the beautiful island of Limnos in Greece.

Join Therese Johaug herself and the rest of the team in January for an eventful training weekend at beautiful Fyri in Hemsedal, Norway. This will be a weekend full of varied and fun training sessions, ski technique courses and talks with Therese Johaug about topics such as nutrition and mental health.

Johaug Redaksjonen

Do you need more motivation to start running?

Listen to the podcast Johaug Redaksjonen and get the best running tips from Olympic champion Therese Johaug and her colleague and friend Kathrine Meiner.

In the podcast, you will get to know the girls and their inspiring guests better. We guarantee you’ll get extra motivation for an active lifestyle, and gain learning about training and health.

NB! The podcast is in Norwegian.


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