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Johaug Recharge

Take the time to prioritise yourself.

The Johaug Recharge concept is designed to give you a time-out and to recharge your body and mind through exercise, rest, nutritious food, and wellness. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and reconnect with yourself.

Upcoming events

September 22–29, 2024

Johaug Recharge x Apollo

Playitas Limnos, Greece

March 28–April 4, 2025

Johaug Recharge x Apollo


Fuerteventura, Spain

What is Johaug Recharge?

The name of our concept says it all. It’s all about recharging your body and mind. Recharge through varied workouts, positive impulses, rest, nutritious food, and an overall emphasis on well-being.

A well-deserved break from the demands of our daily routines, something we believe everyone can benefit from now and then. Our concept encourages you to put yourself at the top of your priority list so that you can return to your daily life with renewed energy.

The Johaug Recharge experience unfolds within our Johaug community, a nurturing space where our goal is to inspire and empower one another.

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome to join us!

Johaug Recharge is an excellent opportunity for those who have already started their fitness journey and are eager to challenge themselves. With that said, there are no requirements as we embrace participants of all levels.

Our program features diverse activities, including strength training, cardio workouts, yoga, pilates, dance, and more. Each session can be personalized to accommodate individual needs. The central theme is achieving a sense of mastery.

Our aim is for you to leave with renewed motivation, not only for your fitness journey but for everything else you wish to pursue in life!

Johaug Recharge x Apollo

We also bring our Johaug Recharge concept to sunnier destinations in partnership with Apollo, the travel agency.

Our trips to warmer climates feature the same core elements as our Norwegian excursions, but the inviting warmth and sunshine are what sets them apart. In other words, it is the perfect combination for an active vacation.

The schedule and program can vary depending on the location. In 2023 we’ve had fantastic trips to Fuerteventura in Spain, and Limnos in Greece. The best part? We are also hosting events in 2024 and 2025!

You’ll find details about our upcoming trips here.

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Johaug Recharge x Fyri Resort

Surrounded by the serene landscapes of Hemsedal, Fyri Resort is a sanctuary of relaxation and well-being, offering the perfect backdrop for our Johaug Recharge experience.

At Fyri Resort, the Johaug Recharge experience unfolds over an inspiring weekend filled with varied workouts, inspiring presentations, wholesome food, and well-being – everything enveloped by the stunning scenery and nature surrounding Fyri Resort.

We tailor our program to align with the changing seasons in Norway. Unfortunately, we don’t have any open registrations for our next event yet – but stay updated and read about our latest event here (NO).

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