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Get ready for outdoor training

Do you love being active? And prefer to use the outdoors to do so? Unsure what to wear? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Johaug, we have made a guide for how to find the perfect set-up, whether you prefer running, cross-country skiing, or mountain hiking.

In the guide below, we will guide you through our different collections and their unique features. All for you to make an educated and right choice. We’re passionate about you choosing the right products to match your needs.

Advance Primaloft Hybrid

Looking for something lighter? Meet Advance Primaloft Hybrid from Johaug. This is the perfect collection for those who enjoy high-intensity running outdoors. It gives you that little extra warmth, without being too much. Designed with luxurious and comfortable materials, Advance Primaloft Hybrid will be your new best friend on those high-intensity days.

What makes it so great? The Advance Primaloft Hybrid Jacket is a light and functional training jacket with a unique Primaloft insulated windproof front, as well as a windproof back panel to ensure excellent weather protection.

The Advance Primaloft leggings are of course also made with the same soft and comfortable fabric as the jacket. In addition, we’ve placed Primaloft insulation on the thighs, where women freeze the most. It also has a high comfortable waist, with a practical pocket to store your keys.

Gleam Primaloft

Regulate the temperature during your runs with Gleam

Gleam Primaloft Half Zip is a light and technical sweater designed for movement. The front has a windproof Primaloft insulated panel with a luxurious shine. The sweater has similar features as the Advance Primaloft Hybrid Jacket, but is designed as a warming mid-layer with a two-way zipper for better ventilation.

Gleam Tights is designed with a flattering matte fabric in the front, and a shiny and feminine fabric on the back that matches the Gleam Primaloft Half Zip. The tights feature a

multi-functional back pocket that allows you to carry both your phone in a zippered pocket and your sweater or jacket when it gets warm.

Concept 2.0

Let’s talk about Concept. It is no secret that Concept is our all-time bestselling collection. Why, might you ask? Concept is simply our most versatile training set. Concept 2.0 from Johaug is the perfect set for both skiing and running on colder days. It’s also suitable for hikes in the mountains during the summer. A real must-have in every wardrobe!

The jacket is made with a light softshell fabric, and with down padding in the chest part and hood. Concept jacket will protect you from wind, rain, and snow. It’s designed to suit your every need, with a great feminine touch. Another great feature is a window for your watch on the left arm, so you can easily check your pulse and stats during your workout without any hassle.

Concept pants have a high and comfortable waist. It also has windproof softshell panels in the front to make sure you stay protected from all kinds of weather. The lining is super soft, with fleece on the inside that feels nice on your skin.

The Concept line is made of 100% recycled materials.

Advance Primaloft

Looking for something that’s not as warm as Temping Primaloft? Look no further, Advance Primaloft is your new best friend.

Advance Primaloft is a sporty and feminine collection developed for cross-country skiing and winter running. The Advance Jacket is developed to keep us women warm in just the right places with Primaloft® Gold quilted panels on the arms and collar, elastic softshell fabric, extended hem, and down padding in front and back.

The Advance pants have quilted elastic panels on the thighs to make sure you stay warm on colder days. And the best part? They’re made with an extra high waist with removable braces for the perfect fit and comfort.

Advance Primaloft is slightly thicker and warmer than Concept 2.0.

Temping Primaloft

This is our warmest collection. Temping Primaloft from Johaug will keep you warm on the coldest winter days. Temping Primaloft Jacket and Temping Primaloft Pant are both windproof and insulated with Primaloft® Gold.

Whilst being warm, Temping Primaloft is still lightweight and breathable. We have developed this collection for cross-country skiing and outdoor activities. With strategically placed stretch panels, Temping Primaloft will give you the flexibility you require to perform at your best. It’s no surprise that the Temping Primaloft down pants are one of our bestselling products throughout the winter. It’s a real must-have in your winter wardrobe.


Accelerate suits the ones who want a shell jacket that’s a bit lighter than the Primaloft collections. Nevertheless, weather protection is essential! It has a comfortable soft-shell fabric which makes it perfect for skiing and hiking.

The Accelerate jacket and pants are windproof and water-repellent. The elastic contrast paneling ensures high breathability, mobility, and comfort. The jacket has a protective hood when the weather is rough, and an extended hem in the back to keep you warm. The pants have a high waist and are known for their comfortable fit.

Without exceptions, the Accelerate Collection from Johaug is designed with high quality. On the extra cold days, we recommend layering up with a wool base layer underneath to keep you warm.


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