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margrethe-meiner | johaug ambassador

AmbassadorsNovember 7th

Margrethe Meiner



Occupation / Interests:

Right now I`m studying at BI, while completing my first year at law school. I have always been interested in physical activity to keep my self healthy and in good shape.

I primarily exercise outdoor and enjoy a lot of different types of sports and activities. Variety in my training makes it more fun and gives me more motivation. My favorite workout is running outside in fresh air. Beside training, I like to travel as often as I can – experience new places and meet new people makes me feel good.


"To me, femininity means being active, strong, athletic and powerful."

#StrongIsFeminine – What does the hashtag mean to me?

To me, femininity means being active, strong, athletic and powerful. In my opinion, this hashtag says something about the importance of being confident in myself and confident in what I do.

A strong and healthy body will often give me positive benefits no matter who I am, or what situation I am in.

Top three favorite pieces from AW18 collection:

Drapper 3 in 1 Parka
- This is one of my absolute favorites because it can be used as well in the city as in the mountains. 3 products in one. Perfect parka for every kind of winter weather. Protecting you against rain wind, snow and keep you warm.

Lofty Hybrid Primaloft Vest
- Since I love running outdoor, this vest is perfect for the autumn and winter season.

Lithe Tech-Wool serien
- I am very sensitive when it comes to wool, but this one is soft to the skin and doesn’t itch. Therefore this set is something that stay put in my closet for a long time.

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