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Training 09.03.21

Wonderful Waste by johaug

Last spring we decided to take an important step in sustainability. We created a collection that are made of leftover fabrics from previous seasons colors.

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Training 12.02.21

The best Valentines Gift - Take care of your heart <3

Take care of the heart, both for yourself and the one you love by giving the best Valentines gift; Physical activity!

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Training 07.01.21

Winter Training

Stay active and healthy in warm and sporty clothing for outdoor activities.

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Training 30.10.20

Find the right training jacket

In need of a new outdoor training jacket? We have made a training jacket guide for you, so that you can find the right one.

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Training 10.09.20


Do you find it hard choosing what tights to get? Don’t worry! We have made the ultimate tights guide so you can find the right tights for your use.

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Training 04.06.20

Therese’s Impossible Games Outfit

Get ready for Impossible Games at Bislett in Therese’s energetic blues.

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Training 14.05.20

Therese’s Favourite Top 3

Check out Therese Johaug’s favourite training outfits of the season, and get a glimpse of what she looks for in her gear when giving her all.

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Training 30.04.20

Wear wool - All year

Wool basealyers are useful all year round. Many of you might think that wool will be to warm in spring/summer time, but in our climate here in the Nordics, wool is a perfect base all year round. Especially for training and other outdoor activities.

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Training 23.04.20

Training tips from Therese Johaug: Hill sprint intervals

Therese has made a video showing her tips for an effective hill sprint interval and gives you three tips for a good running technique.

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