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Johaug provides the images and assets in this link with express consent to only use for our retail partners, media organizations, and industry partners. As such, the images and assets herein contained are the property of Johaug and the originator or photographer.

  • The images and assets provided are only to be used directly to promote the Johaug brand and products. They may not be used without direct promotion of the Johaug brand and products.

  • The assets may not be used for unauthorized sale activities or promotions that do not follow Johaug pricing policies and retail agreements.

  • Assets may not be shared by any person or organization given access. The distribution of these assets may only be approved by a member of the Johaug management team with knowledge of and approval for their intended use.

  • Johaug reserves the right to refuse access and use of any assets in this link at any time, for any reason.

Misuse or use of these assets without authorization may result in a revocation of access and use rights. Improper or unauthorized use may result in further legal action by, or on behalf of, Johaug and the photographer or any entity with ownership rights.

If you have been provided access and use rights to these assets by a member of the Johaug, we ask that you use them by this policy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Johaug contact person.