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TrainingSeptember 27th

Workout in Wool

You have probably read that you should workout in wool. We have listed 6 good reasons for why wool is the perfect material to use for workouts.

Wool is nature’s own natural fiber and has been the most effective all-weather protection known to mankind. In our wool baselayers we use Merino Wool, as this is the finest and softest, making sure you can feel your best while giving your all.

6 good reasons to workout in wool:

  1. Naturally breathable:Did you know that wool garments are the most breathable of all apparel types?!
  2. It doesn't smell:Merino Wool has a very effective odor control. You will sweat less and smell better working out in wool.
  3. Temperature control:Wool is thermo-regulating, making sure you keep warm when cold, and cool when warm.
  4. Protects against UV radiation:Merino Wool absorbs UV radiation and protects you from the sun.
  5. Excellent elasticity:Freedom of movement and it feels so soft next to the skin.
  6. Renewable:Wool is 100% natural and renewable.

Wool base layers, perfect for training

Recycled fabric

Advance Tech-Wool Hood

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Recycled fabric

Advance Tech-Wool Long Sleeve

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Maven Wool Long Sleeve

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