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TrainingAugust 20th

High Intensity Training program (HIIT)

Our biggest wish is to motivate and inspire you to be at your most confident! Get ready and join Team Johaug and sweat your way through our efficient High Intensity Training programs (HIIT).

What is Johaug HIIT?

Each of our hiit sessions consists of three different exercises with 10-30 reps. For a full session you should do the set three times.

If you choose to do the session one, two or multiple times during the week is totally up to you.

Please join us and comment on Instagram your favorite workout and who inspires you to get up and out of the sofa.

During fall 2021 we hope that the covid situation has stabilized and that we can arrange our very own Johaug HIIT event together with a bunch of motivated girls who wants to sweat.

Follow our Instagram @johaug to keep you posted on the latest from our world.

All of our HIIT videos will be published at our Instagram account @johaug. Make sure that you hit the "follow" button so that you don't miss any of our workouts!

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