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Style Guide 11.10.21

Live Video Shopping AW21

Get info about upcoming events and watch the reruns of our previous live shopping events.

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Style Guide 08.10.21

Winter Training Jacket Guide

Our new winter collection has you covered for your next outdoor training session. In this guide, we will help you to choose the right set for you!

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Style Guide 01.10.21

The Adapt Collection - Enjoy the weather

There is no such thing as bad weather! This autumn johaug is launching the ultimate outdoor running line; adapt. Built to inspire women to perform in any kind of weather.

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Training 27.09.21

Workout in Wool

You have probably read that you should workout in wool. We have listed 6 good reasons for why wool is the perfect material to use for workouts.

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Style Guide 20.08.21

The Gleam Collection - Makes You Shine

For autumn 2021 we have extended the product line gleam with more products. These are products for the girls that like to train hard, get sweat and at the same time stay feminine.

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Training 20.08.21

High Intensity Training Program (HIIT)

Our biggest wish is to motivate and inspire you to be at your most confident! Get ready and join Team Johaug and sweat your way through our efficient High Intensity Training programs (HIIT).

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Style Guide 15.06.21

What type of runner are you?

Are you all about shimmer, shine and glam, all-natural or just getting started? We got you covered with the gear you need.

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Style Guide 08.06.21

Live Video Shopping SS21

Watch the reruns of our previous live shopping events from our SS21 collection.

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Training 01.06.21

Johaug Up: Grefsenkollen, Oslo

The 8th of June 2021, Therese Johaug, will arrange her first uphill race, Johaug Up, in a colab with Grefsenkollen. Are you up for the challenge?

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