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Style Guide 15.06.21

What type of runner are you?

Are you all about shimmer, shine and glam, all-natural or just getting started? We got you covered with the gear you need.

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Style Guide 08.06.21

Live Video Shopping

Get info about upcoming events and watch the reruns of our previous live shopping events.

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Training 01.06.21

Johaug Up: Grefsenkollen, Oslo

The 8th of June 2021, Therese Johaug, will arrange her first uphill race, Johaug Up, in a colab with Grefsenkollen. Are you up for the challenge?

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Style Guide 26.05.21


Summer is almost here, and it’s time to plan your upcoming staycation. Here are some of our tips on how to layer up, whether you are going for a hike in the mountains, a shorter walk in the forest or randonee.

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Training 03.05.21

Bootcamp Week

In Bootcamp Week we will focus on one new area of the body for each day of the week and have created exiting content to help inspire you to join us!

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Style Guide 23.04.21

You asked – here are the answers <3

During our live shopping event you asked some questions in the chat box, and we wanted to answer some of them. Maybe more of you guys are wondering the same?!

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Therese Johaug 29.03.21

Therese Johaug's YouTube success continues

Almost a yeas has passed since Therese Johaug uploaded her first YouTube episode on her own YouTube channel.

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Training 09.03.21

Wonderful Waste by johaug

Last spring we decided to take an important step in sustainability. We created a collection that are made of leftover fabrics from previous seasons colors.

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Training 12.02.21

The best Valentines Gift - Take care of your heart <3

Take care of the heart, both for yourself and the one you love by giving the best Valentines gift; Physical activity!

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