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Ambassadors 30.11.19

Gift Tips from Team Johaug

Christmas is just around the corner. Get some gift inspiration from our ambassadors in Team Johaug that have picked out their favourites from the collection of this season.

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Ambassadors 27.08.19

Martine Ek Hagen

#strongisfeminine means to me confidence.

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Ambassadors 04.03.19

Ane Sæter

I combine the hashtag #strongisfeminine with my favourite adjective, being raw.

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Ambassadors 08.11.18

Madeleine Slorbak

#strongisfeminine gives me motivation, and it has a positive impact on my mindset.

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Ambassadors 08.11.18

Margrethe Meiner

To me, femininity means being active, strong, athletic and powerful.

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Ambassadors 07.11.18

Christine Konstanse Knudsen

The first time I saw #strongisfeminine, I thought: Yes! This hashtag gives me a good feeling.

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