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TrainingApril 30th

Wear wool all year

Wool basealyers are useful all year round. Many of you might think that wool will be to warm in spring/summer time, but in our climate here in the Nordics, wool is a perfect base all year round. Especially for training and other outdoor activities.

Wool is a natural material that keeps you warm in the cold and temperated on warmer days. If you use wool when training, you will keep warm even when you sweat. Wool transfers moisture vapour away to keep you cool and dry and it has a self-cleansing feature that doesn't make your clothes smell.

For colder days

For the coldest days you should choose our warmest baselayer; Maven Wool or Win Wool. Both are made of 100% Merino Wool that makes them feel soft against your skin. The fit stays perfect even when washing the product.

For warmer days

Lithe Tech-wool is a serie of wool-mix. These are perfect for medium to high intensity training for warmer days as they have a strategic wool mesh panelling. Stretchy, warm and breathable baselayer, made with a perfect blend of 60% Merino Wool and 40% Lenzing Modal®.