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therese johaug | johaug

TrainingFebruary 12th

The best Valentines Gift
- Take care of your heart <3

Take care of the heart, both for yourself and the one you love by giving the best Valentines gift; Physical activity!

Stay healthy in both body and mind by taking someone you care about out for a walk or run on Valentine's Day February 14th. We all know that being in physical activity and working out provides extra profit in the everyday life, and it has many positive effects on both physical and mental health.

4 good reasons to be physically active:

1. Your body responds immediately
You get out of breath, get high pulse and become warm.

2. The resting heart rate becomes lower after training with heart rate
Important for the heart in the long run.

3. Positive effect on stress and pain
Increased secretion of hormones can have a calming effect.

4. Prevents disease
Strengthens the immune system.

(Source: Helsenorge)

therese johaug | johaug

Therese in the feminine and comfortable Training Jacket Avail and Aerial Woolmix Tights in the color CABER.

How does activity and love affect the heart?

Take a closer look at Therese Johaug's conversation with Doctor Wasim Zahid about how activity and love affects the heart.