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TrainingMay 3rd

Bootcamp Week

In Bootcamp Week we will focus on one new area of the body for each day of the week and have created exiting content to help inspire you to join us!

Our ambassadors are presenting the workouts for you on story and you will be able to follow. We will post a new video each day on our Instagram account, where you can be inspired for one new workout each day.

bootcamp week program

with Martine

with Therese

with Rosanna

with Julie

with Frida

with Marie with Martine

Join Martine for an effective leg workout. with Therese

Join Therese for a very effective cardio training outdoor. with Rosanna

Join Rosanna for some very effective abs workout. with Julie

Try Julie's favourite burnout exercises that includes 3 different variants so that you can choose the degree of difficulty that fits you. with Frida

Frida will show you different versions of push up. We challenge you to try them out! with Marie

It's time for a day off. Learn what Marie does on a resting day.

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