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AmbassadorsMarch 4th

Julie Alexandra

#StrongIsFeminine – What does the hashtag mean to me?

Confident and determined while being humble. #StrongIsFeminine to me feels very personal. You can be both sporty and feminine at the same time.


"Confident and determined while being humble. #StrongIsFeminine to me feels very personal."

Top three favorite pieces from SS19 collection:

Discipline Jacket and Discipline Tights
- Perfect running outfit for spring. The tights have a good fit and a thin, nice and strong material with feminine details. Feels good while running!

Lithe Tech Wool
- So nice to wear wool on my longest workouts to stay warm while sweating. I must admit this outfit also have become my number one "chill-out outfit" in the weekends or after work.

Confident Singlet
- Yes, that is exactly what I feel while wearing it, CONFIDENT.  The “cut” is perfect and the fabric very light. Gives me motivation to push myself that little extra mile.

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